Before any entity is allowed through  the passage into Gaila, they must first pass through the Gates of Akrad.

This place is basically where you get the layout for creating your Gailian and his/her aspects and details. To get here, you must go to a place called "The Warp",

Character(s) involvedEdit

There will be two of you involved here: the Human version of you(Earth) and the Gailian version of you. You can be almost any race in existence, so long as new races are defined in the Tome of History.

The Story so far...Edit

You and many others are at "The Warp," a fabled gateway to the Gates of Akrad. You plan to enter Gaila for a life of action and adventure. Here you are at The Warp, and you are just about to go through, but first, you turn to talk with others that you'll be meeting in Gaila shortly...