We all have them. To make sure that the experience is enjoyable(let alone bearable), There are a few ground rules you need to follow.

General  Rules

1. No insta-kills. Nobody wants to be vaporized on-the-spot in battle without consent. That crap is annoying.

2. Keep the profanity down to a minimum.

  • Good example: Frederick: Damn it! Give me back my son, bastard!!!
  • Bad example: Sally: Shit fuck damn bitch nigga! I hate you dumbass bitch fuck you!

The above will get you kicked.

3. No sexual roleplay(where prohibited). Get a room! Also, in Clean Roleplays, do not excessively pressure someone to engage in intercourse, because that will get you banned for a while.

4. Please use proper punctuation when Editing the Tome of History.

5. Do not spam the Roleplay! Any spam of any kind (e.g. Posting the same message four times continuously) is cause for a kick.

6. Respect all others and staff. We're not your enemies. We just want to make Gaila as fun for everyone else as fun as it is for you.

These rules are set to change as time goes on. More rules can and will be added.

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