Telempathy is a spell that can be used by all Gailians to communicate to each other telepathically. It can be used at almost any time, especially during sleep or unconsciousness. Telempathy costs nothing to use, but only lasts for ten whole minutes.


Telempathy overview
Mana Cost 0 Mana per second
Class Psychic
Usable by All (Sentient)Races


-The name for Telempathy derives form the splicing and remixing of the two words, telepathy(to link one's mind to another) and empathy(to feel for another).

-The cost of Telempathy is free, but cannot be used during combat, as the mental strain and adrenaline rush will deplete a Gailan's energy.

-Telempathy is a spell used in Roleplay, but to the side of the Wiki is the chat, which "uses telempathy". This telempathy does not run out, as it is not the actual spell.